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  1. How much would your services cost for a consultation & workup for a 30+ federal employee wanting to take a Disabilty Retirement?

    1. Call me on Monday or thereafter to discuss the further particulars of your case, at 1-800-990-7932.

  2. I am a FERS disability retirement annuitant I applied for SSDI concurrently upon filing for FERS disability retirement. I was awarded FERS one year later. I went through the entire gamut of reconsideration, ALJ hearing, and appeals council on my initial claim. My attorney chose not to pursue the claim to the Federal District Court. I retained a new attorney well within the 60-day statute for filing the appeal. Their approach was to outsource the initial claim to another firm and simultaneously file a new claim on my behalf. On the second claim I was awarded SSDI at the ALJ level. I’ve received my backpay from Social Security and my overpayment letter with the amount due OPM out of the back pay. OPM has offered several options for reimbursement as well as challenging the payback amount. I need legal guidance in how to move forward. I’ve lived at almost poverty level for the past four years awaiting SSA award. I want to mitigate the amount I have to repay OPM and receive guidance on which repayment method to use bearing in mind some goals I wish to achieve on this downhill part of my life.

  3. One thing I failed to mention is that the second law firm I used for my SSDI claim dropped the ball on outsourcing the appeal of my initial claim to the Federal District Court. By my calculation, I missed out on about four years of backpay due to the firm’s neglect and the fact that I am deemed fully disabled by SSA now. Although SSA advised me that I may still file an appeal to the Federal District Court, the new firm advised against it stating that the District Court could possibly reverse the second ALJ decision on top of denying the initial claim. In other words”let’s leave well-enough alone”. Advice on this anyone?

  4. I received FERS Disability retirement in Jan 2016. My high 3 was 70646.00. The first year at 60% was 3532.00. in February I began to receive 40% which was 2354.00. I applied for SSDI in March of 2016. I have was denied then. Got an attorney and I have been to court twice. The last time the Judge postponed the hearing to call my physician and there physician. He said he would have a decision after he questioned the physicians. He said he would render a decision by the end of September. My question is how much will I ow OPM after all this time. I can not locate a formula to calculate how much I will owe opm and how much I will receive after SSDI is part of the equation . Please help with a simple calculation. Thanks in advance.

  5. I’d been on FERS Disability since May 2004. I never received not one payment from SSDI or social security.
    I have been receiving 40% of my FERS entitlement.
    Does OPM owe me the other 20% and am I entitled for back pay for the many years not receiving anything from social security?

    I have written OPM a letter on September 18, 2019 in reference to this matter.
    I’ll be interested in hiring you if I have a valid case. Thank you

  6. Was Retired in1987 on 40 percent FERS disability when I turned 62 in 2015 I started SS regular payments my 40percent FERS did not change should that have changed to 60 percent an my SS been disability instead ?

  7. I receive FERS Disability only. At age 62, I will file for SSA RIB. Will I receive both, or is an offset an issue for me? Thank you.

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