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Beatrice Larsson Snider, CLS-F


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Beatrice Larsson Snider came to the United States from Sweden at the age of 10.  Halfway through her undergraduate degree in pre-medical studies, an influential philosophy professor encouraged her to study law which set her on a path and pursuit of justice.  After completing her undergraduate program in two and a half years, she received a scholarship to California Western School of Law.  She was one of eight women in a class of 423 when she graduated in 1973 with a Juris Doctorate.

In 1974, she opened a small office practicing personal injury, criminal defense, civil and family law.  During this period, Ms. Snider was one of the first attorneys to file a separate lawsuit against a spouse for assault and battery. The settlement was small but a precedent was set.

In the 1970’s, the Clerks and Librarians filed a lawsuit against the City of San Diego alleging discriminatory pay practices.  At that time Ms. Snider, chapter counsel for National Organization of Women (NOW), was on the panel of attorneys offering their services to the librarians and clerks who were paid less than their male counterparts who had equal or less education and experience.  A settlement was reached in one of the first cases to recognize and implement the concept of equal pay for equal work under the Civil Rights Act.

By the mid 70’s, the Family Law Act of 1970 had created a seismic shift in family law creating the need for highly skilled lawyers.  This fact, coupled with Ms. Snider’s desire to help clients in need, solidified her decision to specialize in Family Law.

In 1980, Ms. Snider became a Certified Specialist in Family Law, as recognized by the State Bar of California.  Ms. Snider was one of twelve in the first class of attorneys to be certified as Family Law Specialists in the State of California. Ms. Snider serves as a Judge Pro Tem for the San Diego Superior Court Family Law Division.  She has written various articles and frequently conducts speaking engagements on Family Law and Business Valuations in Divorce.  She is a Certified Mediator and trained in the Collaborative Divorce™ process. As part on her involvement in the San Diego Certified Family Law Specialists, Ms.  Snider chaired the subcommittee that promulgated the San Diego Local Rules for business valuations in dissolution actions.

While Ms. Snider has built one of the largest Family Law firms in California, she credits the firm’s success to her clients and the experienced, dynamic, caring team of lawyers, paralegals and administrative staff who share her vision of bringing order to the chaos of a family going through crisis.


The Law Offices of Beatrice L. Snider in San Diego, CA are solely devoted to family law.  We have experienced attorneys that have helped countless families in San Diego when it comes to family law-related issues such as annulments, cohabitation agreements, post-nuptial and prenuptial agreements, legal separation agreements, same-sex partnership, domestic violence, mediation, paternity, custody and visitation, divorce, child support and property distribution.

Not only are our attorneys very knowledgeable and experienced, but they are also very hardworking and approachable.  In the San Diego area, we are known for our expertise and integrity.

We Place a High Priority On Accolades and Experience in Family Law and Divorce

Our roots can be traced back to the moment in which Beatrice Larsson Snider was proudly admitted to California’s State Bar. By 1980, Ms. Snider became a Certified Family Law Specialist and this was the first year in which the State Bar Of California made such certification available. At that time, Ms. Snider was one of the only twelve attorneys who earned such certification. In 1985, Christine Hayes Sickler joined the firm, and she also became a Certified Family Law specialist by 1991. Shortly thereafter, she became one of the shareholders of the firm.

By 2014, Ed Castro and Carmen E. Ramos became partners at the BLS, Family Law Firm. By 2016, Stephen R. Murphy joined the partnership. With so many high-profile and talented attorneys, we are among the largest firms in California that are exclusively dedicated to family law. Such an achievement could never have been possible without the help of our experienced attorneys, administrative staff and paralegal staff.

The firm embodies a team approach when it comes to providing the highest level of service for our clients. Also, we place a high priority on client communication and cost-efficiency. Our attorneys know very well that clients would resolve legal matters in a civil and friendly way. Our attorneys strive to negotiate a fair settlement whenever possible. In most cases, our cases are resolved without a costly trial. We always strive for a stress-free resolution not only for our clients but also for all parties involved. On the other hand, our attorneys know that there are certain cases that cannot be settled. In such instances, our attorneys are more than willing and fully able to litigate complex legal issues involving financial, property, support, and custody issues.

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Our office is located in a three-story brick building in a quiet location within Scripps ranch, a few miles west of the Interstate 15. Our firm is strategically located to be near the San Diego court and away from the congestion of downtown San Diego. An ideal place especially for clients that are going through a challenging time. Aside from the legal help, our firm goes beyond the call of duty when it comes to providing a comfortable environment and the highest level of legal representation when it comes to one of the most important aspects of a person’s life, your family.

When it comes to your options, it’s in your best interest to review your choices and only put your trust in a firm that has your best interest at heart.
Contact our family attorneys and divorce lawyers at Law Offices of Beatrice L. Snider, APC.

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